Yeko Ladzekpo ColeYeko

Yeko's passion for dance began at the age of three and she has been dancing professionally ever since. Her parents are natives of Anyako, Volta Region, Ghana, and have been teaching traditional West African music and dance in the United States for the past thirty years. Yeko's extensive dance background consists of over four hundred performances and half as many workshops, spanning over twenty-one years, dozens of cities, and four different countries, in African dance alone.

One of her biggest highlights was at the age of 10, when she performed with Fleetwood Mac at the XXVII Super bowl Tailgate party. At age nineteen Yeko decided to expand her gift of movement by attending the California Institute of the Arts, where she received a Bachelor of fine Arts degree in the field of Dance. Her training includes Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Latin and her second love- Indonesian dance from the islands of Bali and Java.

Yeko has toured with New York Based choreographer Ralph Lemon, she performed numerous works in his trilogy called Geography. Yeko has worked with the Lula Washington Dance Theatre and has danced under the direction of Frit and Frat Fuller and the Liz Lerman Dance exchange, Yeko has also worked on choreographing for other independent projects such as the premier party for the Lion King II "Simba's Pride", and the L.A. Stars, a team in the A.B.A (American Basketball Association). Yeko has danced and choreographed for Marshall Dance Company, a newly formed company that is based on Katherine Dunham technique. Yeko has worked closely with it's artistic director, Sarah Anindo Marshall who is a certified technician, learning and studying the proper forms of Dunham dance technique. Yeko is passionately working towards her certification, and hopes to help in keeping the Dunham legacy alive. Yeko's talents have transcended from stage to film, when she was approached by DreamWorks studio to be the movement consultant and choreographer for the dance sequences in the animated movie Madagascar- Escape II Africa. Yeko has choreographed and made appearances in many music videos, most recently she participated in the music video for the 2010 World Cup anthem that was sung by Shakira. Yeko believes dance is her calling and she hopes to spend her days carrying on the tradition of her culture, and teaching to those who aspire in the art of dance.